Image Release Consent

This is the same form we used in previous years to allow us to record student performances, create an end-of-the-year slide show, and post images and videos within our band and booster run sites and applications.

Behavior Contract

Simple form with electronic signatures agreeing to my rules about behavior within the music program, both digitally and in a full return to the classroom so it covers the entire year, wherever that may go.

Instrument Loan Agreement

When students receive their instruments, I will document everything being check out into our Charms program. However, I would like students to document their school loaned instrument in more detail so we can ensure the serial and model numbers are correct, the documented condition is accurate, and an agreement through electronic signatures that holds families accountable for loss or damage of district property while in their possession.

Copyright Agreement

Typically speaking, I would never distribute music online because of copyright concerns. Given our situation though, distribution would otherwise be impossible if we cannot meet in person regularly. This is why I am distributing parts through Charms, which is a password protected site where I will individually give every musician access to their specific part ONLY (ie, trumpets can only see trumpet music, flutes can only see flute music, etc). Students will not have access to any other music that I would not have handed out in an in-person classroom setting, and this form stresses the danger of sharing or posting this music online for public access and agrees not to share or post with anyone.