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This tab contains everything you need to be successful in my orchestra class while we are distance learning! If you have questions about assignments, if our Zoom class session kicks us all out, or if you want to better yourself in music with the additional resources linked below regardless of which class you are enrolled in, you're in the right place! Please explore so you are familiar with everything at your disposal and check here before each class for the latest news and updated information!

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YouTube link to 30 basic playing techniques for violin and viola:

Key Poulan's "BASICS!"

Key Poulan's "BASICS! BASICS! BASICS!" really stresses the basics... Go figure! While we study the written Knowledge Objectives through worksheets, videos, and exams, we will also be playing through his Warm Ups for Band and Bronze objectives and will submit playing exam videos. All files for Key Poulan must be kept private, so they will be posted on Google Classroom and Charms where access will be monitored. Please do not redistribute these materials as they were purchased for MOHS student use only. Click the image for an intense promotional video of Key Poulan's "BASICS! BASICS! BASICS!"

Knowledge Objectives - Your goal is to complete every objective on the list below! If you complete everything under knowledge objectives and instrument knowledge while we are distance learning, there may or may not be a reward when we return to school that may include rootbeer and vanilla ice cream! :) Go to Google Classroom to get started!

3 MedalObjectivesChecklist2020