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This tab contains everything you need to be successful in the "guard" class while we are distance learning! If you have questions about assignments, if our Zoom class session kicks us all out, or if you want to better yourself in music with the additional resources linked below regardless of which class you are enrolled in, you're in the right place! Please explore so you are familiar with everything and check here before each class for the latest news and updated information!

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YouTube Instructional Videos for Assignments

GC Assignment: Flag Maintenance

GC Assignment: Flag Maintenance

GC Assignment: Flag Maintenance

GC Assignment: Rifle Maintenance

GC Assignment: Flag Drop Spins

GC Assignment: Clean Flag Angles

GC Assignment: Untangle Sails

GC Assignment: Tossing in the Wind

Color Guard Educators

Great site for educational articles specific to color guard performance, technique, showmanship, adjudication, tips, team building, design, and more!