Why Charms?

Charms is a program designed by band directors with today's band director in mind. Simply put, this software allows band directors to store all valuable information pertaining to our music programs (instrument inventory, uniform inventory, music library, fundraising, finances, calendar, communication, assessments, documents, and a ton of features within these categories), and it allows students to access specific parts of the software of my choice with a password I provide. I'm still learning the power of this program but it is a game changer from my perspective.

From the perspective of students and parents, Charms will contain sheet music, inventory, and band account information that we will access regularly as we transition back onto campus and into a regular schedule. Band council members may have access to other parts of the program if necessary, and designated adult "helpers" will also run portions of the program as well. We will primarily use Charms for accessing sheet music during the 2020-2021 school year because it is password protected.

Parents: if you are interested in gaining "helper" status and running portions of this program to share with the rest of the music department, please fill out this google form and let me know what you are interested in overseeing. Thank you so much in advance!

How to Log into Charms

  1. Click HERE to be redirected to the Charms login on their website.

  2. Select the "Parents/Students/Members" section of the login unless you are a designated "Helper".

  3. Enter the School ID that I will provide once school starts, then enter your 8 digit student ID number that starts with either 2017####, 2018####, 2019####, 2020####, as your temporary password. Helpers will be contact by me directly with login information.

  4. After logging into Charms for the first time, it will prompt you to create a new password. I recommend using the same password you use for your Gmail account so it will be the same and you do not forget it.

  5. Create a "clue" to remind you what you used as your password.

Please note that some users will have access to different parts of Charms based on their needs and willingness to volunteer. Departments such as uniform inventory, store, fundraising, finances, etc. will only be given access to those that need it. Section leaders and/or band council members may have more access, so please do not share with others.